Group: 1. Apostolic Courses

Study Year: 1

Seven Functions of Apostolic Leadership - BMin (Apos)

Seven Functions of Apostolic Leadership

Seven Functions Carried Out By Apostolic Leaders

Characteristics of the Fivefold Ministry - BMin (Apos)

Characteristics of the Fivefold Ministry

What each member of the Fivefold looks like

God Kind of Church - BMin (Apos)

God Kind of Church

What the future church will look like

Apostolic Calling - BMin (Apos)

Apostolic Calling

For everyone who is called to be an Apostle

David The Apostolic Model - BMin (Apos)

David The Apostolic Model

All you need to start doing apostolic ministry

Apostolic Entrepreneur - BMin (Apos)

Apostolic Entrepreneur

For those who are called to Business

Study Year: 2

The Apostolic Minister - MMin (Apos)

The Apostolic Minister

What kind of Apostle are you?

Apostolic Teams - MMin (Apos)

Apostolic Teams

How to Set Up And Function As An Apostolic Team

Mystery Of The End Times Church - MMin (Apos)

Mystery Of The End Times Church

What Will Be Different About The Future Church

Ministry of Prayer - MMin (Apos)

Ministry of Prayer

The Apostolic Ministry of Prayer

Apostolic Implementers - MMin (Apos)

Apostolic Implementers

Apostles who make things happen - Joshua and Solomon

Revival and Healing - MMin (Apos)

Revival and Healing

How Revival and Healing Occur

Group: 2. Prophetic Courses

Study Year: 1

Prophetic Ministry Made Easy - BMin (Proph)

Prophetic Ministry Made Easy

A full introduction to ministering prophetically

Not Available Yet

Prophetic Praying - BMin (Proph)

Prophetic Praying

Learning what makes a Prophet breathe - prayer

Not Available Yet

Developing The Prophetic Ministry - BMin (Proph)

Developing The Prophetic Ministry

First steps in becoming a prophet

Not Available Yet

Study Year: 2

Prophet in a Box - BMin (Proph)

Prophet in a Box

Full prophetic training in one seminar

Not Available Yet

Functioning in Prophetic Office - MMin (proph)

Functioning in Prophetic Office

How to function as a full prophet

Not Available Yet

How To Hear From God -

How To Hear From God

Learn Seven Ways of Hearing The Voice of God

Not Available Yet

Training For Prophetic Office - MMin (proph)

Training For Prophetic Office

Move from Prophetic Ministry to full office

Not Available Yet

Group: 3. Pastoral Courses

Study Year: 1

How to Preach and Teach - BMin (Teach)

How to Preach and Teach

Easy steps to a teaching ministry

Not Available Yet

Teaching Calling - MMin (Teach)

Teaching Calling

Moving into full Teaching Office

Not Available Yet

The Pastoral Calling - MMin (Past)

The Pastoral Calling

Moving into your calling as a Pastor

Not Available Yet

The Evangelistic Calling - MMin (Evang)

The Evangelistic Calling

All you need to function as a Full Evangelist

Not Available Yet

Bible Doctrine - BMin (Teach)

Bible Doctrine

All the important doctrines in one place

Not Available Yet

Walking in Victory - MMin (Teach)

Walking in Victory

Living a life of victory

Not Available Yet

Pastoral Counseling - BMin (Past)

Pastoral Counseling

Become an expert counselor

Not Available Yet

Spiritual Transformation - MMin (Past)

Spiritual Transformation

Breaking free of the past and its influences

Not Available Yet

Evangelistic Ministry Made Easy - BMin (Evang)

Evangelistic Ministry Made Easy

Evangelism is easier than you realize

Not Available Yet

Group: 4. Business Courses

Study Year: 1

Developing The Arts -

Developing The Arts

How to use your artistic abilities in ministry

Not Available Yet

Human Nature Gods Way -

Human Nature Gods Way

No matter what your calling YOU NEED THIS

Not Available Yet

Fulfill Your Destiny - BMin (Bus)

Fulfill Your Destiny

Become what you were meant to be

Not Available Yet

Four Weeks to Blessing - BMin (Bus)

Four Weeks to Blessing

All the basics on business and prosperity in 40 short lectures

Not Available Yet

God Kind of Business - BMin (Bus)

God Kind of Business

The way God wants business to be run

Not Available Yet

Walking in Prosperity - MMin (Bus)

Walking in Prosperity

How to prosper as a believer

Not Available Yet

Science and Art of Selling - MMin (Bus)

Science and Art of Selling

Business Success Through Selling The Right Way

Not Available Yet

Living in Blessing -

Living in Blessing

Learn how to live a life of blessing

Not Available Yet

Personnel Management - MMin (Bus)

Personnel Management

Leading and Managing People God's Way

Not Available Yet

Group: 5. Gbm Seminars

Study Year:

Study Year: 1

Heavenly Marriage Seminar -

Heavenly Marriage Seminar

How To Build A Marriage That Is Heaven On Earth

Not Available Yet

School of Blessing Seminar -

School of Blessing Seminar

The School of Blessing Study Course and Seminar

Not Available Yet

Launching Your Ministry Seminar -

Launching Your Ministry Seminar

How To Set Up A Ministry Online

Not Available Yet

The Transformed Life Seminar -

The Transformed Life Seminar

Everything you need to deal with past problems and underlying influences

Not Available Yet

Overcoming Evil Seminar -

Overcoming Evil Seminar

The Ultimate Course on Deliverance

Not Available Yet

Bringing The Power Seminar -

Bringing The Power Seminar

All you need to know about how to use the Power of God in ministry

Not Available Yet

The Soul Winning Seminar - BMin (Evang)

The Soul Winning Seminar

Learn how to win souls and raise them up to maturity

Not Available Yet

Group: 6. Start Your Own Ministry

Study Year: 1

Start Your Own Ministry -

Start Your Own Ministry

Full training for those who wish to start a branch of GBMI

Not Available Yet

Launching Your Ministry -

Launching Your Ministry

Plot your course before you launch

Not Available Yet

Your Spiritual Life -

Your Spiritual Life

All you need to get started with a successful spiritual life

Not Available Yet

Christian Bookwriting International -

Christian Bookwriting International

For all who desire to write well

Not Available Yet

Group: Foundational Courses

Study Year: 1

The Anointing of God -

The Anointing of God

You can flow in God's power and spiritual gifts

Not Available Yet